2014 Fall Trend Report: Jogger Pants

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You have probably seen, or heard, about the latest trend to hit menswear this Fall 2014, the Jogger Pant. Yes, the pant with the elasticated waistband (with an occasional draw cord) and leg opening. These pants can usually be found in a cotton French terry fabric, typically used for sweatpants and sweatshirts, but have recently evolved into including fabrics such as leather, stretch twills, and maybe even suiting fabrics. The jogger pant started originally as a lounge type of pant that has grown into an edgy, trendy pant to wear this Fall 2014.



Where to find it?

I originally discovered the Jogger pant when I came across a clothing company called Zanerobe, whom still make jogger pants in stretch twill fabrics and now leather. Now you can find the jogger pants almost anywhere such as Zara, Urban Outfitters, Top Man, Jack Threads, and etc. If you are located in Los Angeles, visiting your local American Rag Cie Store maybe a good place to start as well. You can also check out our jogger pant inspired pant as well.


What I like about them?

The jogger pant is a great causal pant style that is sporty and edgy. They have a fitted waist and tapered leg and they are best worn for casual outings such as going out to lunch or a night out with friends (if bought in a stretch twill/chino/leather fabric). The elastic waistband makes them easy to wear and offer a comfortable flexible fit range for fit different waist sizes. The elastic cuffs at the leg openings are great if you want a fitting look around your ankle to show off your latest sporty sneakers. The drawback of this style is that most come with draw cords and low slouchy crotches – limiting them to casual and lounge wear.




If you’re not a fan of the casual styling of the jogger pant, in our current collection we took elements we loved about the jogger pant and created our Striped Faux Leather Yoke Stretch Twill Pant. If you like the fitted waist of the jogger pant, you’ll find the same detailing in our style but in a stretch twill (chino) fabric with leather trim detailing (this a hot detail for this Fall 2014 as well). Another plus is no slouchy crotch! Our style offers a fitted look which you’ll find in your favorite fitting jeans or pants. It can be dressed up with a polo, or button up, and dress shoes, or dressed down with your favorite solid t-shirt and fashion sneakers. The leather elastic waistband offers a great alternative to wearing a belt when tucking in your shirts. This style offers the edgy and sporty feel of the jogger pant but can be worn in your creative office, or at your favorite night club. If you’re looking for a pant style to take you from day to night, this style may be what you’re looking for. Buy our Striped Faux Leather Yoke Stretch Twill Pant while they are still in stock!


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