The Best Cuts in Los Angeles: Shorty's Barber Shop


When you want to look your best go to Shorty’s Barber Shop off of Fairfax Avenue – you won’t regret it! This barber shop is one of the best barbershops in Los Angeles to get a great haircut and style ready for any event. The staff and stylist are among the friendliest and talented in all of Los Angeles.

If you’re looking to get styled up with the latest styles, or looking for fresh interpretations on classic hair styles, this is the place to go. Shorty’s has an eclectic crew of stylists and barbers who specialize in a wide range of styles and talents to suit the look that you’re going for. Though this place is the one of the hottest barber shops in Los Angeles, there is never a long wait to see a stylist or barber specializing in your desired style.

Don’t know what style you should sport this season or for a special event? Their stylist and barbers will definitely help you out. They are among the best and most knowledgeable about the latest and greatest in hair styling trends. They will even recommend the best techniques for caring and styling your hair. Did I mention that they even carry some of the greatest hair styling products as well?

Even some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood go to Shorty’s for their styling needs. Don’t believe me? Check out the Shorty’s photo gallery and you’ll find celebrities such as Daniel Craig, David Arquette, and Meagan Good who have gone to Shorty’s to for their styling needs. I’ve also been told that celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Adam Lambert have also gone to Shorty’s for the best in styling service.

The interior is one of the trendiest and stylish of all the barber shops in Los Angeles. The lower and upper sections of the workstations feature hundreds of editorial pages from popular magazines posted all over the walls. While you’re getting you’re latest stylish haircut you’ll enjoy browsing these postings featuring editorial shoots of the hottest models, celebrities, and even adult entertainers alive.



A haircut at Shorty’s will cost you about $27 (not a bad price if you’re looking for the best haircut and styling services offered in all of LA), or $35 if you choose to schedule an appointment with their Senior Stylists. One of my personal favorite Senior Stylists is Gilbert, whom I highly recommend if you’re looking to look your absolute best! He is a master at styling your hair for any occasion and I always leave looking like a TEN after a styling session with him.

For the fastest service, phone ahead for your next styling appointment. A menu of all of their styling services and business hours can be found on their website at

You’re appearance is everything and it pays to your best for any event or social gathering. Check out Shorty’s Barber Shop for your next styling service!


Shorty’s Barber Shop

755 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Shorty’s Facebook

Shorty’s Photo Gallery


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