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It's about that time again to source for new fabrics, trims, and contractors for the Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 Season. We're out here once again scouting some of the latest trends, fabrics, and materials to create some awesome designs for you guys with style at the L.A. Textile Show.

My favorite part of the LA Textile Show is checking out the trend forecasts for the seasons. It's always pretty awesome to see what these trend researchers come up with each season. For those of you who don't know what a trend forecast is, it's kind of like a weather forecast. The trend forecasters travel around the world looking for things, events, and trends going on around the world. Sometimes the trend forecasts are spot on and sometimes they're pretty close.

As a designer, I use these trend forecasts to help spark my imagination and come up with new designs or concepts to make for all you fashion savvy men. The trend forecasts help me to determine which color direction I may, or may not, want to go in as well as which fabrics, trims, and concepts I want to develop for the season.

Check out the images below for the trends I found at today's show.

I'm curious to know, which trend do you think you'd like for Fall/Winter 2016?

Let me know by posting a comment below!


Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 Trend Forecasts by

Theme #1: Beauties

Beauties is aimed at sophisticated aesthetes who are seeking attractive products at the crossroads of conceptual art and contemporary design. This theme takes a fresh look at academic codes and the modernist and minimalist movements in architecture and minimalist movements to propose a new take on proportions in a sensuous, sensorial vein.


Theme #2: Instincts

Instincts disconnects us from new technologies to reconnect us with the natural, primitive insight or our senses. This theme explores the necessity of regaining the right gestures for our own survival, for finding new autonomy in an environment where the climate is so unstable it may all change dramatically.



Theme #3: Anticipations

The ecological problems menacing the planet stimulate the imagination and encourage the invention of the realist or totally fantasized post-apocalyptic scenarios. Between science fiction and evolutionist theories, ANTICIPATIONS throws us into a world cataloging all future possibilities.




Theme #4: Codes

CODES borrows the spare language of pure, brutal minimalism to express the world we live in. In a powerhouse of beauty and utility, lines draw on the very sources of geometry. When translated through the archetypal forms of the cube, triangle, circle, and rectangle, design becomes anonymous.






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