Creating a Stylish & Eye-Catching Leather Jacket - Step One: Developing the Design Sketch





As a designer, we make it look so easy to just whip out a new garment in no time. In reality though, it takes a lot of patience, discipline, researching, and perseverance to making a great design such as our Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket. 

The past six months before the launch of Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket were spent perfecting every last detail from stitching, seam lines, fabrication, trims, and overall styling. Throughout the next couple of weeks I'll cover some of the crucial steps to creating a stylish & eye-catching leather jacket style.

The first step may sound simple but it's probably the most complicated and important steps to really dig deep into as a great designer. This step is developing the sketch of the style BEFORE determining the fabrication, trims, and styling of the garment.

The sketch is typically the blue prints of the garment and therefore must be taken very seriously. Though some details may change or vary from the original sketch, a designer must map out every detail of the garment in a sketch to ensure that all of the components and details of the garment are clearly expressed and noted in the design sketch. This is important because without a physical garment a design sketch of the garment is used as a reference for the patterns, trims required, stitches, and seam lines for anyone working on the style other than the designer. Consider it the road map to designing the garment; without it nothing about the design would make sense or be correctly executed.

Having a background as a technical designer, I typically like to sketch my designs by computer. I'm not as talented as other designers are with a set of markers and pencils but my computer sketched illustrations work just fine for me.

 So to make the Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket a successfully designed garment, I started with a very detailed design sketch to clearly indicate what the seam lines, detailing, and overall aesthetic of the garment would be before actually moving on to the next crucial design process: Searching for the Materials for an Awesome Leather Jacket (coming soon in my next blog post!....).


Now tell me, do you find this part of the design process of the leather jacket fascinating?

Let me know if you do by posting a comment below!


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