Creating a Stylish & Eye-Catching Leather Jacket - Step Two: Searching For Awesome Materials and Trims





In my last post we talked about the importance of the design sketch for creating an awesome design for a stylish leather jacket like our Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket. 

In this next step I'll talk about how searching for the materials and trims that will be used for a style like the Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket is the next crucial step to designing an eye-catching leather jacket.

When I first started working on this style, I knew NOTHING about working with real leather. So, I decided to educate myself on the in's and out's of designing with leather with the help of vendors who were leather specialist. From day one, these guys helped me understand every detail from the qualities and types of leather to better execute the design that is now the Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket.

A lot of designers may act as if they know everything about design, fabrics, and construction but the truth is we often times seek knowledge from our vendors in specific areas to make designs come to life. Sometimes you need those who specialize in certain areas to take things to the next level and provide guidance through the process.

For this style we worked with a high-quality and luxe blue suede leather from imported from Spain. When I first saw and felt this leather quality used for the Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket it was a perfect match for taking this awesome leather jacket design to the next level. The blue suede color was a perfect eye-catching color and the texture of the suede felt soft and comfortable. The leather selection was a perfect match to make this style resembled the casual look of the standard classic hoodie style. I instantly knew this leather quality was what should be used for the Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket.

Next came searching for the perfect trims to be used for this jacket style. The zipper at the center front of the Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket had to have the perfect color, finishing, and function to successfully pair the with leather used for the jacket. A double-separating brass colored zipper to give the jacket a kind of urban, sophisticated type of feel was just what this design needed. The double-separating zipper also had the function of separating from either end of the zipper when worn to give you the option of wearing the jacket is different ways.

 So to make the Liam Blue Suede Leather Hoodie Jacket a successfully designed garment, the fabrication and trims had to be of the best quality, and nothing less!

Next up: Putting It All Together, the Creation of a Leather Jacket (coming soon in my next blog post!....).


Now tell me, do you find this part of the design process of the leather jacket fascinating? Let me know if you do by posting a comment below!


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