The Star of the Party

The Star of the Party

Do you have what it takes to be the Star of the Party?


Well, you don't have to be the star of the party if you really don't want to but here I've listed some simple ways that you can improve your connections with those stylish fashionistas and fashionistos around you. Learn to master these key habits and you'll be the rock star at any social gathering.



No matter that your imperfections may be, learn to love and embrace them. These are the key things that make you special. Sharing and admitting to our imperfections allows for the people around you to connect on a deeper level and see you as likeable and intriguing person. Just be yourself and remember that perfection is not always necessary.



Listen to those around you more than you speak. When you listen you allow for yourself to learn more about the people around you and understand them more, thus creating a deeper connection. You'll be amazed by how much you can learn about a person the more you listen and inquire more about what interests them and why.



Gossip may be fun but it sure is cheap and doesn't play very well on your character. The last tacky piece you need in your life is being labeled as a gossiper. The slang word "shade" typically refers to harshly criticizing, judging, or gossiping about a person.  When you speak poorly about people you hate, this tallies up negative points on your cool and stylish bank. Negative thoughts and opinions generally will be seen as negative features to your personality. Focus more on talking about people you really adore, admire, and respect but in a genuine way.



When I'm excited about a conversation and deep in explaining something interesting, I tend to do a lot of talking with my hands. Talking with your hands is a powerful way to communicate and emphasize words when talking to anyone. Don't believe me? Try it out in your fashionable friends and see how you soak up all the attention. But no crazy jazz hands! Please, save that for the stage for the sake of not looking like you've lost it a little.



Previously, I used to be the type of person that would avoid looking into someone's eyes when they were talking to me, or would walk by. Instead of making eye contact I would look around the room or any object near me with very minimal eye contact. This caused to me to wonder why does it seem I tend to not gain the complete trust of those around me to build a deeper connection.  Silly me wasn't making eye contact! This mistake my friend will be one you will not be making - at least not anymore! Making eye contact with a person builds trust and a deeper connection and shows that you're listening! Let's face it, we're a little hungry for the spotlight sometimes. Show some love by making some eye contact.


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Your friend in Style, Confidence, and Fashion,


Dwyne K. Wickliffe, Jr.







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