Life Notes / Expand Your Knowledge Everyday

Life Notes / Expand Your Knowledge Everyday

When I first started making patterns for fashion design, I felt I would never get the hang of it.


Like an architect, measurements, materials, and blueprints help guide the construction and building of a beautiful home.


Initially thinking about the many things that need to be done to create a home or style can feel totally daunting.


All the components that make a home or style must work in unison with each other in order to make them successful.


When I was a novice in my career this felt scary.

Like it was going to take years to learn.

Like I was never going to get it unless I spent a million hours in school and training - which I felt I didn't have.


Luckily, that wasn't the case at all.


All I really needed was drive, confidence, and the willingness to be wildly curious in what I didn't know but desired to learn.


You can do it - this is what I kept telling myself when times got tough and dirty. If the passion is in alignment with your goals the effort is worth it.


Just do one thing - this is what I kept telling myself to keep taking steps forward. Getting started was often the hardest part until I started and tried anything. Once the momentum gets going you'll be running at full speed and moving closer to the goal.


Don't compare yourself to others - everyone's journey is unique to them. We all start in different places in life. Learn to love yourself in every situation.


Avoid criticizing, condemning, or complaining about people and things in general - one of the hardest things to do when the work gets tough. Keep the negative energy to a minimum. These things only give negative energy the fuel to distract you from your goals.


Continuously be open to learning - whenever I was caught off guard or wasn't sure about how to do something  I had to learn how to do it or understand it more. I love learning about anything to do with pattern-making, designing, and fashion in general. Nurture the curiosity by fostering a growth mentality.


Now when it comes to working on a new design or a design that may be challenging, I still have the fear come up every now and then but I take it on with an determined attitude to putting my best effort forward.


You learn from your successes and you also learn from your mistakes.


Trust in the path the universe has carved out for you with the confidence that you can do anything when you take action with confidence.


I'm so thankful for the clients and previous employers (and managers) who have inspired my professionalism, skill, and patience when it comes to designing and approaching a new styles.


You got this. You are a badass, sexy super-star ready to captivate this world with your charming and fabulous spirit.


What's been one of your greatest transformation in your life personal career friend?


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