Time For Some New Shoes

Time For Some New Shoes


Are you loving what you’re doing right now?✨

Now so much time has opened up for many of us in this current moment. ✨

Time is such a precious thing. ✨

The universe reminds us constantly of this. ✨

But our worlds say there isn’t enough time. ✨

That we must make the time. ✨

Yet somehow the universe reminds us how it controls time. ✨

It sets the pace and if we try to move too fast we will be reminded of our place and where our focus should be. ✨

It’s often where are joy and passion guides us regardless of the obstacles. ✨

I’ve finally wrapped my head around to conjured up the focus and energy to dive into designing a shoe for the collection. ✨

I’m not classically a shoe designer but I’ve always believed you should keep learning new things so you can clearly understand and communicate your intentions.✨

I learned the terminology, the components that make up a shoe and my design, and taught myself to do shoe sketches,  create a shoe technical package, and sourced materials for something I’ve never done before. ✨

But now I’m one step closer from where I used to be in this journey.✨

We’ve started the next stage of development where we are one step closer to a prototype and fit sample. ✨

In the photo you’ll see the three swatches of the colors I’m testing first. ✨

The classic black, a fierce red, and a glorious gold leather. ✨

Not quite sure how the red and gold will come out at the moment but we’ll explore that more in the future.✨

More details to come soon friend. ✨

Now tell me which version you think you’d rock? (Black, Gold, or Red?)✨


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